Philosopher Never Applies His Thoughts,He Is Just An Observer,He Just Encompasses The Thoughts And Puts Them In A Certain Form For People To Study It “

     ” Any Kind Of Deep Thinkers,They Will Never Do Anything But It Is Their Thought Which Rules Eventually “



To Teach Individuality , Personality Development , Communication Skills , Leadership Qualities , Psychology , Human Activities , Social Activities  Medical And Care Info .

My Story :

My Body Name IsSai Charan Paloju  

My Collection Of Thoughts And Ideas Name Is Smart Cherry

Followers In Twitter19,000 +

Friends And Followers In Facebook6,690 

Instagram Followers  500 +

About Me

I’m a Individual Guy , I Have Completed Engineering In Computer Science And Studying Post Graduation In Software Engineering  . 

I’m A Professional Cricketer , Scout , Karate Player , Motivational Speaker , Observer Of Human Activities , Philosopher , Psychologist , Social Observer , Captain Of Varies Official Cricket Teams In Hyderabad , India .

Why This Website

Since Last 7 Years (2010) i started loving internet and spending time on browsing about various aspects which actually makes human to run like a super power on this planet . So More Than with girl friends, friends ,teachers ,family i have spent lot of time on internet studying about lot of human related activated like interview skills , communication skills , leadership qualities , personality development , human capabilities related and lot of stuff .

So I Just Want to Share , Teach What Actually Works In Life If You Wanna Sit On the Top Of The World  , I Mean To Become Very Strong Mentally and physically with the people who visits my site and who interacts with me in video calls and to make some money to survive .

In Other Words This Website Is ” The Autobiography Of My Ideas And Thoughts And Feelings “ .

Me Myself Is The Team

My Thoughts , My Feelings Are My Team Members


Sai Charan Paloju

Founder & CEO

Motivational Speaker , Philosopher Of Mind , Human Emotions And Activities Observer , Social Psychologist , Objectivist , Scout , Karate Player , Professional Cricketer , Software Engineer .


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