If That Person Is Not Thinking You, If That Person Is Not Matching WIth The Image Created In Your Brain, The Disconnect ion Takes Place.

If That Person Actions Are Not Matching With The Actions Saved In Your Brain. You Will Disconnect With That Person.

You Want That Person To React Like You Expect.

But That Person Is Reacting In Some other Way.

When This Takes Place You Can Connect Again.

Two Similar Thinking People Can Connect.


But Two Dissimilar Thinking People Cannot Connect.


You Know Why Most Of The Relationships Break?

Because Most Of The People Selects Dissimilar Brains Starts Living Under One Roof.

Living With Dissimilar Brain Is Like Living In Hell.

We Cant Talk With Person Who Doesn’t React Like We Expect.


The Main Point Here Is , We Create Images In Our Brain Of Different Human Beings.

But The Real Image Of The Huban Being’s Will Never Match With The Created Image.

That Is The Reason Disconnection Takes Place.

That Is Why The People Break Their Relationship’s.

My Suggestion To You Is Dont Try To Connect With The Person Who Is Not Thinking Like You.

It Is Impossible For You To Spend More Time With The Person Who Is Not Thinking Like You.


Yes, No Two People Think Similarly On This Earth.


The Only Option We Have Is , We Have To Select Person Whose Thoughts Matches With Our Thoughts Atleast Of 80%.

So That You ‘ll Face Less Problems With That Person.

If That Person Is Thinking Like You , You Will Not Have Problem.


If He Is Not Thinking Like You. Then The Problem Starts And Then The Disconnection Takes Place.


Disconnect Means Breaking Relationship.


Spend Your Time With The People Who Mostly Thinks Like You, Whose Thoughts And Your Thoughts Matches

So That You Can Be With The Person For Long Time.


Smart Cherry…!