you are an emotion generator.yes, you are the reason for a person’s are alive.your senses are forcing you to believe that you are a conscious being. your senses are telling your brain that the world exists.

using the knowledge filled in your brain, you are creating are expressing your thought.

your senses collects the information from the world and sends to your brain.

using the collected information, your brain is analyzing, calculating and the reason for the thoughts generated in your brain is the mechanism in your brain.

you are expressing your thoughts, using your facial,vocal,verbal expressions.

the person who watching you and listening to you will be reacting to the you action called expression.

the reaction can be any expression, it depends on the thought and the sensibility of the person who is listening to you.

i hope now you understood why i said that you are an emotion generator in the beginning of this topic.

not only you, every human being is aemotion generator.

you can ask me that why only a few people are creating an effective impact on other brains and who are creating extremeemotions.

very simple, the person who is trying to generateemotion in particular person, he knows what actually works to create impact, createemotion, generateemotion.

the point here the if you want to generateemotioN in a particular person, you need to know what actually works to create emotion in that person.

you need to have enough knowledge about that need to know the sensibility of that person.

you need know what actually that person likes and dislikes.


become a good emotion generator, become an effective impact creator, i’ll explain brefly in coming topics about emotion generation.


thanks and share this mobile to the people you love most.