Yes, We All Fight With Brain’s, From The  Morning We Wake Up Till The Night We Sleep.

We See, We Listen, We Talk, We Smell, We Taste Different Living And Non-Living Things.

The Things Which Not Thinking Like Us, The Things Which Are Against To Our Thoughts We Fight With Them.

Fight Starts Where There Will Be Differences In Thinking.

All The Time We Fight Because The People Around Us Will Not Thinking Like Us.

The Truth We Have To Know Is ‘ One Persons Thinking Will Never Match Match With Other Person’s

Thinking ‘.


If We Understand Truth, If We Understand This We Will Never Fight With Anybody.

In Simple Words ‘ People Who Are Don’t Have Brain Which Works Will Fight ”

Brainless People Fights.

Most Of The People I Know Don’t Understand This Analogy.

In fact They Don’t Know This Analogy.


We Want Other Person To Think Like We Think.

We Want Other Person To Do Something Which We Do.


We Want Other Person To Think Exactly Like We Think, Which Is Impossible.


But In Relations, We Expect People Who Are Close To Us To Think Like Us.

We Want The Person Who Is Closer To Us To Think Like Us, We Dont Want The Person To Think Differently.


The Truth As I Said Before One Persons Thinking Will Never Match With Other Persons Thinking.


Here The Point Is We Expect Other Person To Think Like Us.

Expectation Is Stupid Actually.


Expectation And Reality Will Never Match.

But Relations Are Need Base , We Need Something From Other Person, That Is Why The Reason We Want Relation.

Need Means You Are Expecting Something From That Person In Relation,If You Dont Get Something From That Person You’ll Feel Disconnected.


Finally, I Want To Conclude The Point, Fight Happens Only Between The People Who Doesn’t Have Brains.