Brain Is Very Interesting System For Every Human Which Makes You Run And Which Makes You To Make Decisions.

You Are Getting Success Because Of Your Brain And You Are Facing Failure Because Of Your Brain.

Your Brain Is A Collection Of Thoughts, Thoughts Are Generated By The Senses You Have.

Your Senses Are Making Collecting Information And Sending It To Your Brain And Your Brain Is Analysing The The Collected Information And Taking A Decision.

From Your Child, Hood Your Senses Are Collecting Information From The World And Sending It To Your Brain And Your Brain Collecting The Information Sent By Your Senses And Taking Decisions Based On The Collected Information.

Your Brain Collected A lot Of Information Which Will Be Useful At Different Times In Your Life Time.

Your Brain Work Is To Collect Information From Your Senses And Analyze The Collected Information To Take A Decision.

Your Decisions Are Made By Your Brain Based The Information Got To Your Brain.

So Your Decision May Give Success Nor Failures It Depends On The Information Collected By Your Brain.

If Your Brain Collects Postive And Constructive Thoughts, One Hundred Percent You Can Expect Postive Result Called Success.

If Not You May See Failure.

You Will Listen To The Word Called Failure Only If When Your Brain Have Less Information About A Subject.

If Your Brain Collects Sufficient Information About The Subject I’m Sure You Will Get Success Because The Decisions You Will Be Taking Based On The Information Collected By Your Brain.

In Simple Words, Brain Is Information Collector And The Brain Is Calculator And The Brain Is Decision Maker.

You Are Good And Bad Only Because Of Your Brain.

You Are Successful And You Are Failure Only Because Of Your Brain.

Actually, Brain Is Not A Bad Or Good The Information Collected By Your Brain Can Be Good Or Bad.

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