As I Explained The Base Of The Generation Of Every Emotion Before In My Previous Topics.

Your Eyes Are Collecting Information About A Subject And Sending It To Your Brain.

So Eyes Collects Information Which Interests To It.

Your Brain Collects The Information Sent By Your Eyes And The Emotion Is Generated.

It Can Be Any Emotion,Based On The Subject A Emotion Generates.

You Will Be Feeling That Emotion.

If You Are Feeling That Emotion More Than 100 %, It Is Called As urge.

More Than 100% Or Equal To 100% Of Intensity We Called It As Urge.

Every Human Will Be Different Emotions In Different Situations In Different Times With Different People.

So Sexual Urge Is Also A Strong Feeling Generated In Human When He See Something Which Is Connected To Sex.

As I Said Urge Is Feeling A Emotion Strongly.

You Sexual Urge Is A Feeling That You Are Feeling It Strongly.

So Based On Eyes And Ears Your Emotions And Your Thinking Depends.

If You See And Hear Something About A Person Who Worked Hard To Become a millionaire.

Your Brain Feels The Emotion Felt By That Millionaire And You Will Start Feeling His Emotion.

If You Observe Yourself When You Are Alone,If You Reading A Book Or If You Are Watching A Movie Or If You Are Listening To A Song,

You Will Start Feeling The Emotion Of The Author Who Is Explaining His Experiences In That Book And You Will Start Feeling The Emotions Which Are Presented In The Movie, You Will Start Feeling The Emotion Of The Song When You Are Listening To It.

So Eventually Whatever You See With Your Eyes And Ears You Will Generate Some Emotion And You Will Feel That Emotion.

If The Intensity Of The Emotion Is High,It Is Becomes Urge, Urge Is A Strong Feeling.

So It Depends On The Visuals You See And The Sound You Listen.

You Have Sexual Urge Because You Have Seen And Listened More About Sex. 

This Topic Is Endless, I Want To Explain This Concept In Video Which Will Make You Understand Easily Stay Tune To


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