What Are The Advantages Of Understanding?

This Is One Of The Important And General Thing Which Every Human Have To Know.

We Have Many Advantages Of Understanding, Lets See Who Those Are:-

Here I’m Going Explain You About The Things Which Come Under The Concept Called Understanding And It’s Advantages.

  • Understanding A Person 
  • Understanding People.
  • Understanding Concept.
  • Understanding Theory.
  • Understanding The Phenomenon.
  • Understanding System Rules.
  • Understanding Process.

Understanding A Person

 You Will Be Having Different Relations With Different People Who Are Different Thinkers.Do You Have Any Problem With Any Person Who Is Very Close To You?

Then The Only Way To Solve The Problem With The Person Is To ‘Understand‘ The Problem.

Think Why The Problem Is Affecting You?What Actually The Problem Is?How To Solve The Problem? This Is Understanding The Problem.

If You Understand The Problem And If You Get Answers For Why Problem Is, Where Problem Is, When The Problem Is, You Will Be Getting Answers To The Questions Which Helps You Solving The Problems.

This Is One Of The Major Advantages Of Understanding Which Helps You In Tighten The Relationship.

Advantages Of Understanding A Person – You Can Avoid Violence, You Can Be Far From Frustrations, You Can Be Far From Disappointments.


Understanding People

Each And Every Human Have His Own Imagination, Imagination Is Formed In Brain By Collecting Thousands Of Observations Since Birth Of A Human.

So One Human’s Collected Observations Since His Childhood Will Never Match With The Collected Observations Of Other Another Human’s Because The Differences In Places They Lived, Because Of The Difference In Environments They Lived.

So, One Person’s Thinking Will Never Match With Other Person’s Thinking.So People Will Be Having Different Thoughts If You Understand This Analogy I’m Sure You Will Never Every Fight With Any Human On This Planet.

Advantages Of Understanding People – You Can Avoid Violence, You Can Be Far From Frustrations, You Can Be Far From Disappointments.

Understanding Concept

To Avoid Frustrations, To Avoid Disappointments, To Avoid Irritants, To Avoid Non-Sense The Only Way Is To Understand The Concept.If You Understand What Actually The Concept Is, Why You Are Using That Concept In Real Time And Where You Are Implementing That Concept.

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Understanding Theory

Theory Is Something Which Is Proposed By Different Humans, So There Will Be Number Of Theories For One Concept But Only The Workable Theory Will Be Published In The Public Plat Form.So You Need To Understand The Theory To Implement It In The Time When It Needed.

Understanding The Phenomenon

Phenomenon” Is The Whole Process, You Have To Understand The Whole Process, The 360 Degrees Of Every Theory And Every Concept.

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Understanding System Rules

Each And Every System Have It Own Set Of Rules And Regulations Which Should Be Followed Mandatorily, Understanding System Rules Helps You In Operating The System And You Can Edit, Delete, Add, Remove In The System If You Understand System Rules.

It Can Be Any System-Computer System, Politics, Police Department, Computer Operating System.

Understanding Process

Every System Runs In a Certain Process, With Certain Rules, Understanding The Flow Of  The Process Helps You In Avoiding Errors.

I Hope That Now You Have Understood The Advantages Of Understanding In Real World.

The Major Advantage Of Understanding Is You Can Connect With Any Kind Of Human Beings On This Planet.


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