The Attacks Of 26/11 ft. Nana Patekar & Sanjeev Jaiswal – Moula Moula

Observation :

One Of The Most Intensive Movies .As A Human Observer I Got Maximum Information From This Movie I was Shocked See Their Facial Expressions ,I Think Nana Gave His 100 % In This Movie , I Dont Know Him Before This Movie , I Feel  Alive Whenever I See Nana On The Screen In This Movie ,He Is Extra Ordinary Actor , I Can Feel Feeling When He Reacts For A Action Of Vocal Expression He Is Marvelous , I Can Say With Out Nana This Movie Is Nothing , When He Explains The Act To Pradhan Committee , He Exacts Acts Like He Is Police Officer In Real Life , Which Is Highly Impossible For Any Actor,His Facial Expressions Actually Gives You Information That He Is Abusing Everyone With His Face With Out Using Mouth .

He Is Fantastic In This Movie , One Hundred Percent Of Intensity I Can Extract From The Expressions Of The Actors In This,Everybody In This Movie Gave Their 100% That Actually Made Movie To Stand A Part From The Normal Jonor Movies 



No One Sleeps While Seeing This Movie Because The Screen Play Draws Your Attention and You Feel Very Alive , If There Is Any Girl Who Loves Intense People , One Hundred Percent I’m Sure That She’ll Fell In Love With Nana’s Acting , He Is Something Like Fire In This Movie , The Silent Fire , I Think You Need To Be Like Nana In Your Life Because He Is Very Intense Person In This Movie , If You Are Also Intense Person In Your Profession, It Is Confirm That You Are Nana In Your Life .

Conclusion :

Nana is the the most intense person in this movie since he played the the emotional state of the mumbai senior police officer , i can feel nana’s feeling , his five senses collected the information analyzed by the brain and the analyzed observations is reflected in Nana patekar ‘s facial expression.


Respect You Sir …!


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