I Like Anything Beautiful. I Like Anything Which Attracts Me. I Like Anything Which Gives Me High.I Like Anything Which Makes Me Feel Hungry.

I Like Anything Creates Impact On My Thinking. I Like Anything Which Creates Emotion In Me.I Like Anything Which Creates Emotion Calle Smile.

All The Above Which Are Contributing Me And Which Is Going To Be The Reason For My Positive Thoughts And Positive Emotion I Respect.

Because I Want My Brain To Fill With All The Positive Thoughts.

I Want To Feel The Postive Emotions Most Of The Time.

Because Nobody Wants To Feel Negative Emotions.

Nobody Wants To Live In Negative World.

Nobody Wants To Live With Negative Thoughts.


Anything Which Creates Positive Thought Or Positive Emotion In Me I Respect.

Anything Which Creates Positive Thoughts And Positive Emotion Are Beautiful For My Eyes.

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That Is Why The Reason They Can Create Impact On My Feeling And Thinking.

It Is Not Necessary That I Have To See And Feel Like Beautiful Which Makes Them Feel Beautiful.

I May Connect To Different Emotions Or Different Visuals, Which Will Be Only Beautiful To Me And My Eyes.

The Things Which Looks Beautiful May Or May Be Beautiful For You.

Because I Don’t Know What Actually Makes You Feel Beautiful.


I’ll Connect To The Visual Which Matches With My Imagination. That Thing Looks Very Beautiful For My Eyes.

My Imagination May Or May Not Match With Your Imagination.

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So You May Or May Not Connect With The Visuals With Which I Connect.

Similarly, Every Individual, Every Human Being Connects WIth Colors And Different Visuals. Which Connects To His/Her Imagination.

In Simple Words If You Don’t Have Imagination Like I Have, You Will Not Connect With The Visuals I Connect To.

But Most Of The People I Know Are Liers, Why I Call Them Liers Because They Don’t See Things With Which They Connect, They’ll See Things To Which Other’s Connect.

I Don’t Think That Your Imagination And Others Imagination Matches 100%.


Smart Cherry…!

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