I Cant Imagine Powerful People In Uncontrollable Situation|| Adolf Hitler|| Donald Trump


Donald Trump Is one of the top most powerful people in the world.

I Really cant imagine powerful people in controllable situation.

You cant expect a person in uncontrollable situation who is very very powerful.you have seen them as very very powerful and you have created an image in your brain as most powerful person.

But when you see them in in a situation which they cant control,you’ll loose your interest,you cant have the same percentage of respect intensity on that person.Adolf Hitler comes under that list.He is one of the most powerful people in the who is well known as odd.

But he is the guy who committed suicide and who killed himself.You really cont expect such decisions from the people who are very very strong with the brain.Your brain cant accept that thought.We get disconnected once the powerful people becomes powerless.

Actually we are loving powerful people because they are making things possible and we are taking them as inspiration and we are making things possible with that inspiration.

But when the people who are very powerful becomes powerless , you feel disconnected.Because you cant expect such things from most powerful people.

So we are loving people because they are powerful with the brain or physically.Once they becomes like ordinary brains or ordinary bodies.We Cant connect with them anymore.

Because we are designing them as powerful image in our brain.Once the real image doesn’t match with the created image you feel disconnected.You cant be with the person in the same way when he/she was powerful.You mind accepts and Loves only the people who are powerful.Powerless people cant survive in your brain.

You are thinking that he superior And He has Every Control.But one day you have seen him uncontrollable situation.Your brain stops thinking at that time when you seen a powerful person who cant control a situation.So this is one of my observations i decided to throw here.




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