Capturing Murder In Hyderabad

Today I Have Seen A News In A Telugu News Channel. I Want To Tell My View About The Capturing Murder In Hyderabad.

3 People Came And Killed A Person On The Road.

Everybody On That Way Was Just Passing From That Place.

I Wondered When I Tried To Understand The Situation.

The Murder Video Which I Have Seen In The Television News Channel Was Captured By A Person Who Is Passing In That  Way.

I Feel Very Sad For His Brain Because How Can You Capture A Murder In Your Mobile.

How Can You Think That Capturing This Video Is Good Than Saving The Person From Being Killed?

What Kind Of A Mentality You Have.

I Want To Know How You Developed This Of Thinking.

I Want To Know What Made You To Think Like This.

I Want To Know Why You Captured This Act.

I Want To Know Why You Thought Capturing This Murder Is Far Better That Saving The Person From Those 3 People.

Will You Capture The Video Like This If Somebody Who Is Very Close To You Will Be In That Situation.

I Want To Know Why You Want To Capture The Drama.

Are You A Film Maker?

Capturing Murder

Everybody Around Me Are Talking About The 3 People Who Killed That One Person On The Road.

But Nobody Was Talking About The Person Who Captured This Video.

I Feel Capturing This Video Is The Biggest Crime. Because You Are Thinking That Capturing Murder Is Much Better Than Saving A Life.

I Really Feel Proud To Think About The People Like You.

I Really Feel Great To Live In A Society Where You Are Living.


You Are Not A Film Maker But Why You Want To Capture The Cruelty?

Why You Are Not Interested In Saving The Life.

Why You Are Statue There?

 I Don’t Think That You Know The Importance Of Life.

I Don’t Think That You Know The Importance Of Emotions.

I Don’t Think That You Are Human Who Understands The Pain.

I Don’t Think You Understand The Pain.

I Love You For Capturing And Giving This Cruel Video To News Channels For Making Money.

I Don’t Think, The Family Of That Person Will Excuse You.

I Don’t Think That The Family Of The Person Who Died Will Feel Proud Of You For Capturing The Video And For Saving His Life Being In That Situation.

I Don’t Think That You Have A Brain Which Works.

It Is Very Important To Think About The People Who Are Capturing The Cruel Acts, It Is Very Important For Us To Think About The People And Their Mindsets Who Captures Murders.

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