Yes,you want someone to care your want your emotion to be cared.You will be expressing emotion to make other person to care your emotion.

Everyone expresses their emotions and they want their emotions to be cared.

You need a person who understands and respects your emotion.You need a person who listen your ideas,thoughts and your view.You will feel comfort with the person who listens to your emotional response.

You will be spending a lot of time with the person who loves your emotions.Who needs your emotions.

So every human on this planet wants their emotion to be cared.We all express our emotions in different place with different people in the world.Very few people understand your thinking and respects your words.

You will live that person under one roof,You will be marrying that person who respects all your emotions and understands you thinking.

Your identity is your emotion.You emotion needs response.You will be expressing your emotion using words which exactly explains your feeling.When your feeling is cared,you will be happy because your feeling is cared,you emotions are cared.

If your emotions are not cared,it is impossible you to know the importance of emotion.Every expression is a emotional response.

Very few people understands the importance of emotions and gives respect to others emotions.Anybody who is not caring others emotions may be caring himself or may be caring the only the people who registered in his brain.

It is impossible for you to care every emotion of every one.But here the point is if you respect the emotions which is noticed by you,It is confirm that you are human being.

If are not caring their emotion,for example a person sended a message in what app or text message which says ” i need something ” ,  if you are responding to that message it is confirm that you are caring the person,your answer can be ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

But here the point it you are caring the person’s emotion are not.Giving response to question or help or inquiry is a human quality.If you are not giving message,it is confirm that you are not caring their emotion.

I hope you understood this concept.

Thank you

Smart Cherry.