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I Respect American society let me tell you why.

america is not people, America is the collection of people.

america is the collection of individual people.

caring actually kills the constructive thinking.

but my parents and teachers are caring me and which is destructing my thinking.

with their caring, I cant do whatever I like.

here actual caring is not caring.

the good parents and teachers should not care a kid.

they should leave, they should give importance to the kids thinking.

they are there only to guide them not to teach.

a teacher is a stupid word, guide is the correct word.

you have to be a guide to a child, not a teacher.

give respect to kids thinking and don’t care too much.

if you really want to care your child just don’t care because if you care,

the kid always needs your caring when he fails,

you are habituating the caring and making him think about you but not about his carrier.

the really caring is not caring.

the people who are in the top in the list in every country in every field do not care.

if you see and read their biographies you will understand the concept called caring.

most of the people thinking that they have to care someone or they want to care.

which is stupid.

you should not care, start thinking about yourself.

take your own decisions and of course, you will face the consequences of your decisions.

caring is the stupid word.

don’t care and don’t be cared.

emotionally connected people are the reason for your every decision.

because you are taking decisions based on their advice’s.

so if you are taking decisions by taking their advice’s you will the face the consequences of your decisions.

it is better to take your own decision and not to depend on the people who are emotionally connected to you.



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