Do You Know What A Mind Is?

Mind Is A Collection Of Thoughts.Yeah And What Are Thoughts?

Thoughts Are Something Which Generated When We Observe Something Using Our Five Senses.

So Each Sense Helps You To Observe.

So Your Senses Started Working Since The Day You Came Out Of Your Mom’s Stomach.So Your Senses Started Observing The World From The Day, You Born.

You Started Observing People, Things, Toys, Sounds, Smells, Tastes.So You Will Be Observing All the Living And Non-living Things With Your Eyes, Nose, Ears, Tough, Touch.

Your Eyes, Nose, Ears, Tough, Touch Observing Living And Non-Living Things And Your  Senses Sends Observed Information To Your Brain, Those Are Called As Thoughts.

Thoughts Will Be Stored In Your Brain And Every Day You Will Observe Living And Non-living Things And All The Observed Information Will Be Sent To Your Brain.

So From The Day You Born Till Today You Have Observed Many Living And Non-LivingThings Behaviours, Sounds, Smells, Tastes, Visuals, Touches.

All The Observed Information Is Stored In Your Brain, Your Brain Is A Collection Of Thoughts.

So Your Brain Collected Thoughts, Same Like Your Brain Other Brains Also Collected Thoughts,  Your Sisters Brain, Your Brother Brain, Your Neighbors Brain, Your Strangers Brain Etc.

So The Collected Information Of Your Brain Will Not Match With The Other Brain’s Collected Information.

I Mean Your Thoughts Will Not Match With Other Persons Thoughts.

So When You Compare Your Thoughts With Your Friends Thoughts It Will Not Match.

So Both Cant Spend More Time Together, Few Thoughts May Match But It Will Be Less Percentage.

So Don’t Get Disappointed When Your Thoughts Are Not Matching With Other Persons Thoughts.

Two Brains Thoughts Will Never Match

The Fact You Have To Understand Is Two Brain’s Thoughts Cant Be Same, Understand This And Move On.

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