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You Are Digging A Hole To Put His Body Which Is Stopped Reacting And Which Is Stopped Working.

Do You Know What Happened To His Body?

Do You Know Where He Is Now?

I’m Asking You About The Person Who Is Dead And Who’s Body Is Stopped Working.

I Want You To Tell Me Where He Is Now?

The Guy Who Is Dead And Who’s Body Is Going To Put In Rectangular Hole.

The People Who Are Very Closer To Him And The People Who Are Emotionally Connected To Him Are Missing Him.

They Are Crying And They Cant Digest The Truth That The Guy Who Is Died And Who Is No More.

What Kind Of A Answer Will You Give To That Mother Who Is Crying For Her And Who Is Missing Her Availability?

I Don’t Think You Will Be Having A Answer Which Will Make Her To Come Back From That World Where Sadness Is Playing The Lead Role.

You Are Crying For The Body Or The Person Who Contributed You The Thoughts.

If Your Answer Is Both.

My Next Question Is “The Thoughts He Contributed You Are Alive Because Thoughts Have No death, Then Why You Are Bothered About The Body.

One Of The Great Philosopher Said, ” The Bodies Keep’s On Dying But The Thoughts Have No Death “.

I Think You Need To Remember The Thoughts The Guy Who Contributed To You When He Was Alive.

We All Don’t What Actually Happens To A Person And His Mind After His Death, Yes, Body Stop’s Working, I Know.

But It Is Impossible You To Erase The Thoughts From Your Mind Which Are Contributed By Him To You.

But You Are Unable To See The Visual Which Is Not Reacting To You, Which Use To React To You All The Day And Time.

I Feel Very Sad For That Personally, The Fact Is We All Have Limited Powers, We All Can Do Only Whatever We Can Do.

Still, I’m Confused With The Death Concept.

I Still Don’t Understand Why Bodies Are Going Into The Soil And How Can A Body Be In The Soil Be Alone?

Have You Ever Thought About That?

My Question Is ” How Can A Body Be In The Soil Alone, That Too We Are Closing The Hole Which Is Dug To Put The Body “.

This Is A Million Dollar Question For Any Human Being.

I Want The Exact Information Which Can Make Me Feel “Ok” About The Death Concept Because Nobody Knows What Actually Happens To A Person After Putting His Body In The Hole.

I Feel This Concept Is Very Interesting Than Any Other Concepts.

I’ll Explain Again About The Death Concept When I Feel About Saying.

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