you are taking a decision on a particular emotion.

emotions changes all the time.

so based the conditions , situations , mind-state and environment your decision changes.

so here the point is your emotion and your mind-state cant be same all the time.

when your emotion changes when your mind-state changes you will the changing the decisions made by you.

this is the fact.

you are taking a decision in a situation.

you are taking decision based on the collected information at that particular point of time.

so the information may change tomorrow or the conditions can change.

so it is good for you if you take decision which works for a short time.

if you are taking a decision for next year is stupid.

because you dont know what happens next minute , next hour , next day , next month .

so how can you take a decision which works for next year.

do you think that the conditions of next year , situations , mind-states will be same like now.

so it is very important you to know the fact.

the fact is you dont know what happens in very next minute , next day next month and next year.

so it is good if you dont take decision for tomorrow.

dont take decision for tomorrow.

your mind state will not be same tomorrow like now.

so be practical , be logical , be rational .

time changes people around you changes situations changes mindset changes climate changes everything is going to change and your decision changes time to time.

you will be taking decisions in a particular emotion , emotion changes .

you will be taking decision based on the present conditions , conditions can change tomorrow.

so today’s decisions may or may not be right for tomorrow.

but the only thing you can do is to take decision based on the condition , mind-state in present situation.

so this is about decision making.






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