All The Emotions Which Have Shown In The Above Image Are Negative And Destructive Emotions Which Destroys The Positive Emotions Of A Human Being.The Above Emotions Creates Negative Energy.

The Above Image Shows The Positive And Negative Emotions.I’m Sure After Seeing The Above Image You Will Be Understanding Which Emotions Actually Helps You Getting Pleasure And Which Emotions Creates Negative Energy.

The Positive Emotions Helps You Developing Positive Thinking,creating Positive Energy,Constructive Thinking.

Positive Emotions Creates Positive Energy In You,Positive Emotions Gives You Nice Feeling,Which Gives You High.

We All Need Positive Emotions.We All Need Emotions Which Gives Nice Feeling.Positive Emotions Helps You Contructive Thinking.Negative Emotions Destroys Your Positive Thoughts.

So You Have To Spend Your Time Where You Will Get Positive Emotions.

How To Avoid Something Which Makes You Feel Bad Or Low Or Sad.

Try To Avoid Something Which Creates,Negative Energy In Your Body.

Avoid People Who Creates Negative Emotions In You And Contributes You Negative Emotions To You.It Is Very Very Important You To Be With The People Who Contributes You Positive Emotions.

To Get Positive Emotions You Have To Contribute The Positive Emotions.If You Have Positive Emotions In Your Storage Device Called Brain You Will Get Positive Emotions From Other Person.

Every Word You Speak About Your Self,Or About Other Person Or About Something Should Be Positive.Should Make Listener To Feel Good.The Listener Listens To You Only When You Share Positive Emotions To Them.

Because No One On This Planet Wants Negative Emotions. Positive Emotions Are Constructive Emotions Which Helps You In Your Personal Growth.Which Helps You In Thinking.Which Helps You Developing A Personality Which Gives You High.

Positive Emotions Are Constructive And Negative Emotions Are Destructive.

Decide Yourself Whether You Want To Positive With Constructive Thoughts Or Negative With Destructive Thoughts.

Your Thoughts And Ideas Reflects You Personality – Smart Cherry