When You Senses Are Concentrating On A Particular Thing With 100% Percentage Of Intensity,With 100% Of Interest, If Your Senses Are Suddenly Shifts Concentration On Another Thing Without Your Concern,That Is Distraction.

We All Listen To The Word Called Distraction Many Times In Our Daily Life.

We All Get Distracted For Different Reasons.

But Why Something Is Distracting You.

How Is Something Distracting You?

What Are You? You Are Your Body Or Your Brain?

Or Your Senses?

I’ll Explain You Clearly.

You Are Reading This Post In www.killmyhead.com Website, Your Eyes Are Observing The Words, Sentences And Your Eyes Collecting The Words And Sentences From This Post.

And Sending It To Your Brain, Your Brain Receives The Collected Words And Sentences And Understands The Meaning Of It.

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How Does It understand?

If Your Brain Already Know The Meaning Of The Words Collected, Then Your Brain Understands The Meaning Of The Words And Sentences Of This Post.

If This Post Contains More Than Thousand Words, Your Sense Called Eyes Should Put Your Eyes On This Post At least For 10 Minutes.

This 10 Minutes If Your Eyes Shifts The Concentration From The Words And Sentences To Some Sound From Somewhere Other Than From This Post. The Sound Is Heard By Your Ears, Ears Collects The Sound And Sends It To Your Brain.


The Brains Starts Thinking About The Sound And Stops Thinking About The Words And Sentences Collected By Your Sense Called Eyes.

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What Do You Understand From This Scenario?

Sound Came In The Middle When Your Eyes Was Concentrating On Words And Sentences Of This Post.

Which Means The Sound Is Diverting You And Disconnecting You From This World.

Sound Is Actually Distracting You.


This Is How You Are Get Distracted And This Is How Every Living Being Get Distracted. Distraction Happens To You Every Second Every Minute.

Smart Cherry..!


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