Education System In India

Education System In India Is The Worst Education System In Entire World.


Yes, I’m Sure After My Explanation You Will Agree To My Point And You Will Feel The Same.


Before Knowing About The Education And Education System And Education System In India, Let’s Know Why Education And What Is Education.


What Is Education? Why Education?

You Will Be Gaining Knowledge About A Particular Subject. You Will Be Gaining Knowledge About A Subject From A Teacher Who Explains You About The Subject. Your Teacher Is Educating You.

So You Will Be Gaining Knowledge About The Subject And You Will Be Having Knowledge If You Spend Time On Gaining Knowledge About That Subject.


Here There Two Points

  1. If You Are Interested, You Will Gain Knowledge And You Will Feel Pleasure While Gaining Knowledge About The Subject.
  2. If You Are Not Interested, You Feel Very Hard To Gain Knowledge And If Will Feel Very Sad Spend Time On Gaining Knowledge About The Subject.


Interest And Disinterest Play Major Role In Gaining Knowledge.

If You Have Interest To Learn, You Will Feel Very Happy To Spend Time On Gaining Knowledge About A Subject.

If You Don’t Have Interest In Learning, You Will Feel Very Hard And Sad To Spend Your Time On Gaining Knowledge About The Subject.


But In India Parents Of The Children Are Throwing Their Children In Schools Without Caring The Interests Of their Children.

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About Education System In India


It Is Very Important For Indian Government To Change The Education System In India Because I Feel It Stupid To Put Different Thinking Brains Together To Study One Subject Forcingly.

Parents, Teachers And The Government Is Gives Least Importance To The Students And Their Interests.

Parents Don’t Give Importance To The Their Kids Brains.

Teachers Forcingly Makes Students To Sit In The Class Even If The Students Are Not Interested In Knowing ABout The Subject.

Schools And Collages And Forcing Different Thinking Brains To Sit In Class Even If They Are Not Interested In Learning About Subjects.

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My Point Is ” 60 students in the class will have different percentages in absorption and observation power, how can you put all different capacity brains in one class to learn the subject ”


Do You Think That Is Going To Work? Is That Working Concept? You Are Doing That Since Many Years, Is That Working? If It Is Working Every Student In The Class Should Get 100/100.


This Is The Major Flaw In Education System In India.





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