If Your Emotion is your identity , it is confirm that your identity will not last for long time ,

because everybody knows that emotion is not permanent .



what is your identity ?

your name ?

your fame ?

your studies ?

your behavior ?

your performance ?

your game ?

your standards ?

your thinking ?

your ability ?

you way of thinking ?

your capability ?

your ability ?

your smartness ?

your anger ?

your fear ?

your personality ?

Your Identity is your thoughts , your ideas , your feelings ,

if material energy gives you identity that will not last forever .

you is not your body ,

you is your thoughts , ideas and feelings 


let me know the absorption power of yours ,

let me know your observation power ,

which actually play fantastic role in the concept called thinking ,

your thinking depends on the environment ,

climate ,

people ,

area ,

visuals .

your thinking changes when all the above changes ,

thinking is not constant or will not be the same .


it depends on your interests ,

ability is something you can do it for one hundred percent ,

your ability changes in different activities ,

the more you succeed  on something ,

there you can see your ability yourself ,

you can only know your ability ,

because only you know what actually you are thinking and what actually you are fascinated about .


if a teacher gave a task to two students ,

one guys completes in 10 minutes and other guy completes in 5 minutes ,

the differences in thinking ,

the percentage of interest ,

intelligence ,

absorption power varies for both the students .

you can say one is good or one is bad , 

you have to say that both the two guys are different thinkers .


it is very very important you to be stubborn in anything you do or you love ,

you have to be stubborn ,

stubborn is very good and sweet word which actually gives you motivation ,

stubbornness is a driving force , 

stubbornness helps in making things possible .


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