This Is One Of My Favorite Topics I Wanted To Explain Many Times But Today I’m In Very Good Mood To Explain About Employee Brain Is A Controlled Brain.

Coming To The Point Employee Is A Human Who Working For A Company, Who Should Follow The Rules And Regulations Of The Company.Employee Brain Is A Controlled Brain.


In Other Words, Employee Brain Is A Controlled Brain Which Is Controlled By The Management Of The Company.

Employee Cant Be So Open To Other Field Human Because He Is Under Control.

If You Are A Employee You Have To Follow The Rules And Regulations Of Your Company And You Have To Speak Only The Company Needy Topics.

Whatever You Speak Or Whatever You Do Should Be Helpful For The Companies Development.

But The Practical Reality Is Anybody Who Is Suppressed Who Cant Express All His Emotions Will Suffer For Sure.

See This, Thinking

Employee Brain Is The Brain Which Should Work For The Development Of The Company, You Cant Be So Open In Your Company If You Are A Employee.

You Cant Speak Whatever You Want, Which Is Totally Different From Other Mindsets.


If You Take A Politician, He Is A Man Who Can Speak Whatever He Want, Compare To Employee Brain Politician Brain Will Be Having Alot Of Freedom.

In Simple Words Employee Brain Will Be Having Very Less Freedom, The Most Valuable Thing For Any Human Is ” PERSONAL FREEDOM ”

So I Don’t Give Importance To The Employee’s Who Are Very Less With The Brain, Who Will Be Having Only The Companies Knowledge, I Don’t Talk With Company Employees.

Check Out This, Understanding

Employee Brain Is A Controlled Brain

As A Social Observer, I Understood That The Employee Will Be Having Limitations Who Should Talk Who Should Act And Who Should Use His Body For The Development Of His Company.

And The The Employee Brain Will Be Controlled By The Higher Authorities Of The Company, Employee Brain Will Be In The Control Of The Company Head’s.

So It Is Stupid Me To Compare With The Company Employee Brains.

Which Is Totally Stupid And Meaningless Comparision.


As A Person Who Loves Extra Ordinary Freedom Will Never Connect Will The Employee Brain Which Totally Under Control And Which Is Controlled By The Company Heads.

I Don’t Give Respect To The Controlled Brains And Employee Brains.


Thank You For Reading,

Smart Cherry.