What Is Fear , Why You Are Scared ?

Lets See Here,What Actually Making You To Feel Fear.

You Have Prepared For Your Exam But Still You Are Feeling Scared Of Exam.Fear Of Exam Hall,Fear Of Questions,Fear Of Hall Ticket,Fear Of Result,Fear Of Parents,Fear Of Teacher.

The The Reason For Fear Can Be Anything.You Are Feeling Fear Of Exam,Right.

I Have Very Clear Explanation For You,After Reading This Entire Topic I’m Sure You Will Stop Fearing.Let Us Know What Actually Fear Is.


Fear Is One Of The Emotion.Which Comes To You For Any Reason.The Reason Can Be Anything.You Will Feel Fear Only When You Dont Understand Fear.

We Have Two Parts In Our Brain As I Said In My Previous Topic.One Part Of Our Brain Starts Fearing And Other Part Of Our Brain Starts Thinking About The Reason Behind Your Fear.

You Have To Make Use Of That Part Of Your Brain Which Is Thinking About The Reason Behind The Emotion Called Fear.

When You Start Thinking Why You Are Fearing,You Will Understand The Reason For Your Fear.

For Example – If You Are Fearing For The Exam Because Of Not Studying Well,You Have Not Prepared For The Exam.So You Are Fearing.

Here Clearly You Can Understand The Reason For Your Fear.

If You Are Prepare Well For The Exam,You Will Never Feel Fear.


Understand The Reason For Your Fear Then You Can Stop Your Fear.Understanding Fear Helps You To Be Far From Fear.Very Few People Understands The Reasons For Their Emotion Called Fear.

To Avoid Fear,Understand The Reasons For Fear,I’m Sure You Will Never Worry Next Time Once You Understand This Concept.

Worrying Will Not Give You The Solution,Thinking About The Reasons Behind Fear Gives You Solutions And You Can Be Fearless.

Become Fearless By Understanding Fear.


Thank You For Reading,

Smart Cherry..!