How Honesty In Relationships Works

Relation & Honesty Both are interconnected, if you are honest you will have people around you.If you are dishonest, people will be far from you.So it is your choice whether, to be honest, or to be dishonest.How honesty in relationships works in for us?

I personally experienced that if you are honest people will love you, if you are dishonest people hate to meet you.

I love anybody who is honest and you love someone who is honest.

Everybody in the world wants people who are honest.

As I said honesty and relationship are both are interconnected.

It is impossible for any person to be with a person with dishonesty for a long time.

Honesty makes things possible.

Dishonesty disconnects brains.

So be honesty no to impress another person.Be honest to escape from stupidity, yes you can be far from negativities if you are honest.You can make things possible if you honest.

You can make another person to fell in love with your behavior if you are honest.Many people in the world are dishonest,98% of the people I met are dishonest.

So you can use honesty as a weapon.This weapon helps you making things possible, you can make impossibilities into possibilities.

The people who become big are honest because without honesty you can reach that position.

Connection between relation and honesty

In simple words I can say that relation is equal to honesty, honesty is equal to the relation.

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 What is a relation?

When two human connects and spends more time together on this planet.The time can be 5 minutes, the time can be 60 years.

One person spends more time with another person only with honesty, without honesty you cant live with a person for a long time.

Because nobody loves dishonesty, nobody loves negative, nobody loves lies.

Dishonesty is not constructive.

Honesty is constructive quality with you can gain money, power, sex, relations what not.

Be honest to gain something, don’t be honest to impress someone.

Honesty is a constructive and positive quality with which you can make things possible, you can make people happy, you create something which does not exist before.

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Advantages of being honest in relationship

If you are honest in the relationship, your partner will never ever live you.

If you are honest with your partner one hundred percent you will be happy all the time.

If you are honest you both can spend pleasurable time together.

If you are honest you have happy sex.

If you are honest you will be strong and your relationship will be strong even if you are living far from each other.

At last, I want to say one important line you can be successful if you are not honest, you cant become big if you cant is an honest person.You cant gain anything if you are not honest.

You will not have relations if you are not honest.

This is how honesty in relationships works.

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Be honest – Smart Cherry.