The Very Important And Valuable Thing In Life For Any Living Being Is ” FREEDOM “.LIFE IN JAIL HELL ON EARTH.

I Decided To Explain This Topic After Knowing The Opinions Of The People Who Are Living In Jail, I Just Wanted To Explain Their Emotions As A Human Observer.

The Very Very Important For Every living Being Is Personal FREEDOM.

Every Living Being Like Human, Bird, Animal, Insects Etc Wants Freedom.

You Will Be Losing The Most Valuable And Important Aspect In Your Life i.e FREEDOM If You Go To Jail.

I Have Observed Many Prisoners Who Wanted To Live Like Us Outside The Prison.

Who Are Crying, Who Cant Explain Their Feelings In Words About Their Feeling Living In Jail?

I’m Sure One Hundred Percent Who Knows And Who Understands The Life In Prison Will Never Ever Want To Go To Prison.


Life Is Prison Is Harder Than Hell.

Nobody Loves To Live In Jail, No Prisoner Loves His Life Living In Prison.

I Can See Tears In Their Eyes When Are Explaining About Their Life In Prison.

They Are Speechless.

Also Check, Thoughts

But Yes, There A System In Every Society Which Haver Rules And Regulations And Everybody In The Society Should Follow The Rules.

If Anybody Do Something Which Is Against, To The Rule, He Will Be Sent To The Jail.

I Personally Feel Very Tough To Explain The Life Of Prisoners In Various Prisons In The World.

You Know Before Coming To The Jail Each And Every Individual In The Prison Have Spent Their Life With Different People In Different Places By Different Types Of Foods And With The People They Love And They Loved By.

Suddenly If Those People Goes To Jail Which Is Very New Place With No Freedom, Strict Rules They Feel Disconnected And Yes, Right They Are Disconnected From The Social World.

They Actually Don’t Know What Is Happening Out The Jail, No Information, No Connection With Any Person Who Is Living Out The Jail Except The People Who Are Their Family Members.

See This, Respect 

Imagine Once How Tough That Kind Life In Jail, We Have Everything And We Are Feeling Tough Then What Do You Think About The People Who Are Living In Prison From Years And Years And Who Are Going To Living Years And Years.

Living In Jail Is Tougher Than Anything Because As I Said It Is Very Very Important For Every Human Being Is Personal Freedom, Prisoners Lost Their Personal Freedom Which Is Costlier Than Anything In The World.


Yes, Life In Jail Is Hell On Earth, I Cant Imagine A Human Being Without Freedom, I Don’t Think The Prisoners Will Experience All The Positive Emotions Which Is Very Necessary And Important For Every Human And Every Human Needs Emotions Which Makes Him Feel High.

Huhhhhhh, I Don’t Want Any Human To Sit In Jail And I Never Gave Advice To Anybody Till Now But I Want To Give You Advice Now.


Thank For Reading,

Smart Cherry.