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My Mind Is Collected Information, Using My Senses And The Collected Information Is Stored In My Brain.

My Mind Stores The Information Collected By My Senses.

While Taking A Decision My Mind Is Retrieving The Collected Information About That Subject And Picking The Truth From Collected Observations.

My Mind Accepts Only The Topics Which Are Interesting To It.

My Mind Loves Only a Few Things Which Interests.

My Mind Is Not Accepting Anything Which Is Not Connecting With My Imagination.

My Mind Is Not Connecting To Anything Which Is Matching With The Collected Information By My Brain.

You Are Actually Forcing Me To Something Which You Love, My Mind Cant Do That Because My Mind Connects To Something Which You May Not Like.

Your Imagination Is Not Matching With My Imagination, The Collected Information By My Brain Is Not Matching With The Collected Information Of Your Brain.

I Connect To Something Which Matches With My Imagination.

I Love Something Which Connects With My Thinking.

I Respect Something Which Connects With My Head.

I See The World With My Eyes, My Eyes See’s Something Which Your Eyes May Not See Those, Which May Not Notice Those Observations.

So My Eyes Are Collecting The Information From This World And Sending It To My Brain.

Same Happens With Your Eyes And Your Brain.

One Person’s Thinking Will Never Match Other Person’s Thinking Because Of The Above Reason.

We All Fight Because Of The Above Reasons.

The Only Way To Avoid Violence Is To Understand The Mechanism Of Our Senses And Brain And The Reality And Imagination.

Only People With The Brain Understands This Phenomenon And The People Who Understands This Phenomenon Will Be Happy.

My Mind Is Collection Of What I See With My Eyes, What I Hear With My Hear, What I Smell With My Nose, What I Taste With Tongue, What I Tough With My Body.

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