Mira Mira Meesam Full Song With English Lyrics || Katamarayudu || Pawan Kalyan | Shruthi Haasan – Review

Out Standing is the word you need to use when you are explaining about power star pawan kalyan song or anything which is related to power star ,

here the point is today i.e march 3 the most awainting Katamarayudu first song is released in you tube , the song is like when a guy with the age of 60 starts dancing when he listens to Rayudoooooooooooo ,

this is one of the best songs of powerstar pawan kalyan , i’m the biggest fan of power star pawan kalyan since my childhood , his movies , his acting is something different which attracts many people , may be that is why the reason katamarayudu got 7,51,253 views in just 6 hours , this shows what actually the power star pwan kalyan is , coming to this song , anuoop rubens is the music composer of this movie who gave fantastic tune , in other words this song is creating and generating energy in the people who are listing to this song , yes for power star fans , this song explains about a village guy and his capability , capacity in some new lyrics , meaningful lyrics , power star’s attitude you can see in this song , katamarayudu first song is like giving more than what a fan expects , this song is really fantastic , sharath marar now he can get his money back with this movie and shruthi hasan acting as heroin in this movie with power star for the second time , furst movie was gabbar singh which was the massiv hit in the telugu film industry and for the second time she got chance to share screen with power star , this is creating new records in youtube from tollywood and creating more expectation on movie called katamarayudu , lets sing the song louder 

Rayudooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ……………………………………………………………………………………Mera Mera Meesam 

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