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I Explained A Topic Previously About Two Brains 

Which Is Connected To This Topic.

If You Understand The “Differences Between Two Brains” The Previous Topic I’m Sure You’ll Understand This Topic Also.

Brains Are Common But The Thinking Will Not Macth With Each Other

The Featured Image Shows The God’s Of Different Religions.I Dont Have Any Problem With Gods And I Dont Have Problem With The People Who Are Believing Those Gods.

Muslim,Christian,Hindu Are Three Human Beings Who Have Same Brains.But The Thinking Of One Will Not Match With Other.

Before Knowing About Religion Lets Know About The Three Human Beings.

Three Human Beings A Have Three Brains Who’s Thinking Will Never Match With Each Other.

On This Planet One Human Beings Thinking Will Never Match With Other Human Being Thinking Because Of Different Reasons.

The Collected Information Of A Brain Will Never Match With The Collected Information Of Other Brain.So Two Human Beings Will Never Think Similar.

Brains Have Their Own Imagination.

One Brain Say’s I’m Hindu Other Brain Say’s I’m Muslim And Other Brain Say’s I’m Christian.

So Here Brains Are Common But The Imagination’s Will Never Match With Each Other.

So The Repulsion Starts,The Violence Starts. 

The Reason Behind The Violence Is Opinion Difference.


When You Understand That Brains And Its Imaginations You Will Never Have Problem With Other Brain,You Will Never Have Problem With Other Religion,Other Caste,Other State,Other Language,Other Country Or Other Universe Brain.

Again And Again I’m Repeating This Sentence Because To Make You Clear That One Brain’s Thinking Will Never Match Other Brains Thinking,When You Understand This Concept,I’m Sure You Will Stop Fighting With Other Brain.

Because You Will Be Feeling Fighting Is Very Stupid.

I Hope This Explain Gave You Clear View About Different Thinking Brains And Differences In Collected Information Between Brains.


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Smart Cherry.!


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