Every Human On This Planet Wanst To Be Postive All The Time, But Nobody Knows How To Be Positive All The Time.

Here I Have Few Suggestions Which Will Definitely Help You In Being Postive Most Of Your Time.


From The Morning Till The Night 

From The Morning You Woke Up, Till The Night You Sleep You Need To Focus Ok The Situations You Experience Daily.

You Need To Concentrate On The People You Meet Daily.

Because Your Thinking Depends On The Visuals You See With Your Naked Eye, The Sounds You Listens Using Your Ears.

You Have To Meet Only The People Who Are Very Positive.

You Have To Spend Your Day Time Only With The People Who Contributes You Positive Thoughts And Positive Emotions.

You Have To Do It 24 Hours,24/7,365 Days.

As I Said You, Your Thinking Depends On The Situations Your Experience, The People You Meet.


Yes, Everyone Wants To Be Postive But To Be Postive -You Have To Think Postive,

To Think Postive – You Have Experience Postive,

To Experience, Postive-You Have Spend Your Time On Postive 24/7,365 Days.

Try This And Implement These In Your Daily Life, I’m Sure You Will Definitely Change Your Thinking Negative To Positive,

Its Very Tough You To Get People Who Are Postive But That Is What Your Task Is,

You Have Search For The People Who Are Postive To Spend Time.


To Be Postive Live With The Postive, Spend Maximum Of Your Time With The Positive

Watch Something Which Makes Your Feel Postive, Hear Something Which Makes You Feel Positive.

Smell Something Which Makes You Feel Positive, Eat Something Which Generates Positive Feeling Your Head,

Touch Something Which Makes You Feel Positive.

These Are The Main Factors Which Influences You, Which Are Major Factors Effects In Your Thinking.

If You See Positive, Listen Postive, Smell Postive, Taste Positive,

One Hundred Percent Your Thinking Will Be Positive All The Time.

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Smart Cherry.