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one of the fantastic songs power star powan kalyan ,

the people who loves him i’m sure they will be listening songs for too many times ,

only to watch pawan movements ,

i think pawan is one of the unique actors in tollywood ,

he feel comfort with his acting ,

he lives in his comfort zone ,

he is famous only because he lives in his own world ,

that world is liked by most of the people ,

in simple words his world matches with many people’s world ,

the connectivity ,

the thought connectivity ,

he wants to live like ordinary people , he loves to be like ordinary people ,

he is the only guy who is living happy , who is loved by many and many people ,

the fantastic thing you have to learn from pawan is he lives like himself ,

he is himself ,

he is symbol of his imagination may be ,

he is trying to be like himself ,

which sounds really good ,

the above song is the practical example ,

i never seen any other hero like him ,

he is unique because his thoughts his selection of movies ,

his thinking is totally different from ordinary thinkers ,

he is called as trend setter because he will be attempting the new all the time ,

which is not existed before ,

that is why the reason he stands a part from all the starts ,

he is very good actor ,

he is not a very good dancer ,

he is not a very good performer ,

but still many people loves him only because he is connected with the imagination of the people who loves new ,

new is something you are seeing for the first time ,

the dressing style ,

the language ,

the dialog delivery ,

his comedy is really amazing ,

one of the most loved actors in telugu film industry and telugu people ,

my favorite is power star .


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