Presence Of Mind

What Is Presence Of Mind? Why Should he Mind Should Be Present? Why Will Mind Be Absent? How To Make Your Mind Present? Let’s Know How To Be Present With The Brain.


From The Morning, Till The Night We Do Different Works.

We Meet Different People.

We Talk About Different Topics From The Morning Till The Night.


While We Are Doing Some Work Our Mind Will Be Used For The Work, Our Mind Will Be Thinking And Taking Decisions.

While We Are Discussing A Topic With, Our Mind Will Be Used To Think About The Work, That Is When Our Mind Will Be Present.


When We Doing Some Work, When Are Talking About Some Topic Our Mind Should Think About The Working We Are Doing And Our Mind Should Think About The Topic We Are Discussing.


Your Mind Should Be In Present Mode, Yes Your Mind Should Focus On The Work You Are Doing.

Now You Are Reading This Topic, Means Your Mind Is Present Here.

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Sometimes Your Mind May Not Support You, You Mind May Think Something Which Is Not Related To Present.


At That Time You Mind Will Be Absent For The Work You Doing At That Time, You Will Not Positive Result If Your Mind Is Absent.


So It Is Very Important For You To Put Your Mind In Present Mode.


You Have Concentrate On The Present, You Mind Should Present Here, Your Mind Shouldn’t Think Something Other Than Present.

Presence Of Mind Is Very Important To Do Work Perfectly, To Get Positive Result, To Get Success In The Work You Are Doing.

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Factors That Makes The Mind To Be Absent

Multiple Thoughts In Mind Makes The Mind To Be Absent In Present.

So Don’t Put Thought In Your Mind Which Is Not Useful For You.

Useless Thoughts Makes Your Mind To Be Absent In Present Situations.



Presence Of Mind Is Very Important To Do Your Work Perfectly, The Main Reason For Your Failures Is Absence Of Mind In Present Situations, It Is Very Important Your Mind Be In Present Mode, To Think About Present Mode In Order To Get Good Result.


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