We Love Anything Pure, It Can Be Anything, It Can Be Emotion, It Can Be Material.

I Feel That Anything Pure Creates Maximum Effect, Anything Pure Creates Impact In Larger Quantity.

I Feel That Purity Plays An Important Role In Advancement.

It Is Very Very Important You To Be Pure.Purity Actually Helps You Gaining Knowledge And Hearts Of The People.


Yeah, I Know It Is Very Tough To Pure In Polluted World.

I Know A Advice Which Helps You In Being Very Pure, Yes.

The Sounds Around You, The Visuals You See Should Be Pure To Be Pure.

Yes, The Smell, The Taste Should Be Pure To Be Pure, Yes.

Yes, I Know Your Question.

How Can We Get The Pure Visuals, Sounds, Smell, Taste?

It Is Your Choice Again, You Have To See Something Which Is Pure, You Have to Listen to Something Which Is Pure,

You Have To Taste Something Which Is Pure,

You Have To Taste Something Which Is Pure.


Your Thoughts Depends On Your Visuals You See, Sounds Your Listen, The Smell You Smell, The Taste You Taste.

If You See Something Pure And If You Listen to Something Pure If You Smell Something Pure If You Taste Something Pure You Thoughts Will Be Pure.


Your Ideas Will Be Pure.Your Personality Will Be Pure.Your Attitude Will Be Pure.You Nature Will Be Pure.Your Emotions Will Be Pure.

We All Need Something Which Is Pure.We All Need Something Which Is Effects Us.


Only Something Which Is Pure Creates Maximum Effect On Our Thinking On Our Mind.

To Be Pure, To Become Pure, To Live Pure, To Earn Pure, To Have Something Pure, You Have To Collect Something Which Is Pure.


It Can Be Living thing And It Can Be Non-Living Thing.



I Know That It Is Quite Tough To Be Pure But As I Said Above The Ways Which Helps You To Become Pure And To Be Pure, I Hope This Concept Helps You Being Pure.

Using Pure Words I’m Ending This Concept.

You Will Get Pure Emotion Only From Real Incidents Not From Movies.


Thanks For Reading,

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