When Someone is not caring your emotion or when someone is not giving importance to your emotion, You’ll feel that they are rejecting your emotion.

We all want our emotion to care and should be given importance.

When our emotion has zero importance or caring less, we feel disconnected with those people.


You Always Want Someone To Care Your Emotions, You Always Need Importance For Your Emotion.

When You Dont Get The Importance And Caring, You Will Feel Disconnected Or You Will Feel Rejected.

Rejecting Emotions Is Nothing But A Person Is Not Caring Other Person’s Emotion.

For Example – You Are Loving A Person And That Person Is Not Loving You Even Knowing That You Are Loving That Person.

That Is Nothing But Not Caring Your Emotion, Your Emotion Is Love And The Love Is Not Cared Nor Getting Importance.


99.9% Of The People Rejects Your Emotions,0.1 % Of The People Understands And Gives Importance To Your Emotion.

And You Will Be Connecting With The People Who Are Caring Your Emotion And Who Are Giving Importance To Your Emotion And Who Are Understanding Your Emotion.


You Will Not Connect With The People Who Are Not Caring You, Who Are Not Caring Your Emotion.

The Most Valuable For Any Human Being Is ” EMOTIONS “.

Every Human Wants His Emotion To Care, Every Human Do Different Things In His Life To Make People To Care His Emotion.



Nobody Loves Rejection, Everybody Loves Connection, Everybody Wants To Get Connected But Because Of Opinion Differences The Emotions Between People Are Not Cared Or Not Give Importance Or Emotions Are Rejected.

So When You Understand The Theory Called Differences In Thinking Which I Explained Before In A Category Called Thinking You Will Become A Very Good Observer And You Will Be Handling People Better And You Will Understand Why A Emotion Is Rejected.

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Smart Cherry.!