It Is Very Important You With Respect Every Brain.

Because Your Thoughts Your Ideas  And Your Emotions Will Not Match With The Thoughts And Ideas And Emotion With Other Brain.

When You Understand The Above Sentence I’m Sure You Will Start Respecting Every Brain.

Because That Is The Fact.

One Person’s Thinking Will Not Match With Other Person’s Thinking.


It Is Very Important You Know That Every Individual Have His Own Way Of Thinking.

Your Way And Other Person’s Way Will Never Match.

There Will Be Alot Of Things Which Makes You Take A Decision And Those Things Will Not Match With Other Person’s Decision.

Because Other Person Will Be Having Very Different Reason To Take The Same Decision You Made.

I Believe Every Individual Will Be Having His Own Identity.

That Identity Is His Emotions, His Knowledge, His Ability,His Thinking.

Why We Have Respect Other Brains?

Only You Can Think Like You, In The Same Way Only Other Person Can Think Of Himself On This Planet.

Do You Know Why Two People Fight?

Because Of Opinions Difference, Because Of Thinking Difference.

The Fact Is Every Person Will Have His Opinions And His Own Style Of Living.

Nobody Is Correct Or Nobody Is Wrong.

The Ego Makes You Feel Proud.

The People With Zero EGO Can Live Better Life, The Happy Life.


Respect Other’s, Respect Others Emotions, Respect Others Thoughts, Respect Others Feelings, They Will Respect You.

If You Don’t Respect, They Will Not Respect.

Try To Understand Every Person You Meet, Try To Respect His Thinking And His Ideas And His Emotions.

The Only Way To Live Happily Is By Respecting Everyone You Meet.

Respecting Everyone Is A Extraordinary Quality.

If You Don’t Give Respect Don’t Expect Respect.

Everything In This World Is Give And Take.

If You Don’t Give Then Don’t Ask And Don’t Expect.

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Smart Cherry.!