Emotions Are Valuable.We Hate People Who Dont Care Emotions.We Hate People Who Dont Respect Emotions.We Dont Care People Who Are Non-Emotional.Life Is About Emotions.Every Decision Of Human Being Will Be Taken In A Particular Emotion.We Really Dont Care The People Who Dosn’t Care Our Emotions.

Self Respect

Do You Know What Is Self Respect ? Self Respect Is Respecting Our Own Emotions.We All Respect Our Emotions And We All Want Other People To Respect Our Emotions And We Live With The People Who Respects Our Emotions And We Work At The Place Who Cares Our Emotions.Who Want Our Emotions To Be Respected.We Cant Live At The Place Where Our Emotions Are Not Cared Or Where Our Emotions Are Neglected Or Where Our Emotions Have Zero Importance.Self Respect Is Respecting Our Own Emotions.

Types Of Human Energies

Mental Energy,Physical Energy,Material Energy Are The Energies With Which A Human Is Surviving On This Planet.You Are Using All The Three Energies For Your Personal Benefit.Human Want Other Humans To Care His Energies.


Mental Energies – Idea,Thoughts

Physical Energy – Physical Efforts

Material Energy – Money,Properties



We Are Earning Material Energy Using Mental And Physical Energies.So Here The Important Factors Are Mental And Physical Energies.Different People In Different Fields Are Spending Their Mental And Physical Energies To Earn Material Energy.

Here All The Energies You Are Contributing Only Because To Get Pleasure.You Will Be Getting Pleasure Where You Are Contributing Your Mental,Material,Physical Energies.

Here The Fight Between Human Is Because One Is Using The Energy Of Other For Their Personal Benefit Without Giving Respect To Their Energies.

Do You Get My Point ?

Let Me Explain You Clearly, He/She Is Using Your Mental,Physical & Material Energies And Not Caring Your Contribution After They Get Benefit From Your Energies.   

So Contributing Your Energies At The Right Place Is A Intelligent Thought,You Are Disconnected From Few People Because You Are Contributed Your Mental Energy To Them And They And They Didn’t Cared Your Contribution.


Understand The Power Of Energy And Use It For The Construction Of Your Own Building Called Carrier. Dont Use Your Energies Where Your Energies Are Not Cared Or Not Given Importance.



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