I just want to shut off the world where I feel Discomfort is the line made me to explain something which created effect in my thinking.I want to explain this topic using ” I ” Because This Explanation Needs ” I ” for Every Sentence.I will live in my comfort zone.I Will Spend Time With The People With Whom I Feel Comfort.

I Read Books Which Interests Me.I Love The People With Whom I Feel Like Loving.I Will Everything For Myself.

I Want Live My Life For My Self.I Want To Eat Food Which I Like.I Want To Play Games Which I Like.I Work In A Company Where I Feel Comfort.I Will Study In The School Where I Feel Comfort.I Will Study In The Collage Where I Feel Comfort.I Want A Girl Friend/Boy Friend With Whom I Feel Like Loving.


I Respect People Who Are Superior To Me.I Spend Money Which Gives Me Pleasure.I Will Make Money For Myself.I Study For Myself.I Will See Movies Which Gives Me Pleasure.

I Contribute My Thoughts Only To The Company Or The People Only If I Want To Contribute.I Spend My Mental And Physical Energy For My Happiness.I Want Do Something With Which I Feel Happy.I Hate Something Which I Hate.I Love Something Which I Love.I’ll Wear Clothes Which I Love.

I’ll Wear Shoes Which Suits For Me.I Decided To Contribute My Thoughts In This Blog.I Want Me To Express All My Feelings , Ideas And Thoughts.I Want You To Be Happy Because I Love To See You Happy.

I Want You To Understand All My Topics I Explained In This Blog.I Really Love You And Respect You For Reading The Topic.I’m Sure At The End Of This Topic I’ll Justify The Title I Gave This Topic.

I Will Shut Off The World Where I Feel Discomfort.




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