The Body In The Brain

There Are People Who Left Me And Went Far For Studies To the Other States And Countries And There Are Few People Who Died.

For Me The A Person Who Went To Other Country And Who Died Both Are Equal.



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Let Me Make A Point, The People Who Went To Other Country And The Other Person Who Died Were With Me Physically.

But Now One Went To Other Country And One Went Somewhere, Both Now Physically Disappeared.

I Cant Touch Their Hands, I Cant Touch Their Body.


So Here Is The Point Their Physical Body Is Disappeared But The Thoughts I Have With Them Are Alive In My Brain.

So From This, I Understood That Bodies Have Death But Thoughts Will Be Alive.


For Example, Einstein Is Dead, ” His Thought ” BULB ” Is Alive.Steve Jobs Is Dead But ” APPLE PHONE ” Is Alive.


So Bodies Keep’s On Dying But The Thoughts Will Be Alive.

The Body In The Brain,Their Body Is In Your Brain With The Thought Called ” BULB ” And ” APPLE PHONE “.

Same Happened To Me As I Explained In The Second Sentence, Both Are Physically Disappeared But The Thoughts Between Me And Both Are Alive In My Brain.

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So If I Meet The Person After 10 Years Who Went Far Away From Me, I Will Be Having the Same Percentage Of Intensity, Interest, Respect On That Person Which I Use To Have 10 Years Before.

The Body In The Brain

Brain Is Something Which Store’s All The Thoughts Which Stores All The Information Collected From The World.

Brain Is A Collection Of Thoughts.You Will Be Using Those Thoughts For Your Happiness.The Observation Which Attracts To Your Senses Will Be Registered In Your Brain.

So Anybody Who Is Disappeared Physically And Who Went Far Away From Me Are Physically Dead In My Mind, If They Come Back Again I Believe That The Person Is Alive.


This Is Theory I Understood Which Is Correct.

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