The Importance Of Saying Thank You For Contribution

So You Curious To Know The Importance Of Saying Thank You For Contribution, I Appreciate That.

Actually, This is One Of The Most Important Topics Among All The Topics I Explained Till Today, Yes.


Why Do You Say Thank You?

Do You What Actually Human Have To Get The Word Called “Thank You” From Other Human?

So Let’s Know About Thank You And The Importance Of Saying Thank You For Contribution.


What Is Contribution?

A Human Always Will Have Three Types Of Energies,

They Are:- a) Mental Energy 

                     b) Physical Energy

                     c) Material Energy

What Is Mental Energy?

Your Thoughts, Your Ideas Which Are Generated From The Observations Observed Using Your Five Senses From The World.

What Is Physical Energy?

Any Work With Which You Doing Using Your Physical Body Is Your Physical Energy.

What Is Material Energy?

Using Your Mental And Physical Energies Your Will Be Earning Material Energies.

Example-Money, Car, Bike, House, Anything Which Is Material.

You May Also Like, Good Qualities

A Human Will Be Having The Above Energies.

If One Human Contributes His Mental Or Physical Or Material Energy To Other Human, It Is Called As Contribution.

If You Receive Any One Of The Energies From Any Human You Are Using The Word Called ” Thank You “.

Because Someone Is Contributing You Their Personal Energy, So You Are Saying ” Thank You ” For The Contribution.

Which Is Basic Nature Of Human.

It Is Very Important For You To Say ” Thank You ” If Anybody Contributes You Any Of Their Personal Energies, Which Shows Your Respect Towards The Person Who Contributed You The Energy.

Dont Forget The People Who Contributed You Any Of The Above Three Energies, Which Is Not A Good Quality.

” Thank You ” Is The Word Used To Thank A Person Who Contributes You Their Energy.

Chech Out This, Feeling

Saying ” Thank You ” For Getting A Energy For Person Is Really Really A Good Quality And A Human Basic Quality.

I Hope This Explanation Helped You In Understanding The Concept Called ” Thank You “.

This Is About The Importance Of Saying Thank You For Contribution, I Hope You Enjoyed Knowing About It.

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