Yes, I Dont Give Importance To Myself And There Is No Question Of Giving You Importance.

Let Me Explain You Clearly.

If ” I ” Give Importance To ” I ” 

” I ” Cant Take Criticism .

If ” I ” Give Respect To ” I ” , If ” I ” Dosn’t Get Respect ” I ” will be Disturb .

If ” I ” Fail If ” I ” Dont Take The Failure Seriously If ” I ” Dont Have Any Problem ” I ” Dont Care Others.

In Simple Language If ” I ” is Expected If I Didn’t Get The Expected ” I ” Get Hurts .

So ” I ” Should Not Expect Anything and ” I ” Should Not Give Importance to ” I ” .

” I ” is EGO


” I ” Dont Have Ego .

” I ” Dont Care ” I ” To Avoid The Expectations On ” I “

You Are Thinking Yourself As Special , You Are Not Special ,

You Are One Of The Million Creatures.


Let Me Give You A Practical Example.

” You Abused Me ” is the sentence .

If me is not bothered or me is not cared about me , then what is the big deal about you and abusing.

if me is not respecting ” ME ” , if me have no EGO ,

me will not cared whether ‘ME ” is respected or not .

I Have zero EGO , so i dont have any problem.

i dont have any problem with anything in the world because i dont care about myself .

then how can you think that i’m going care something other than me in the world.

but ” you are thinking that you the center of the universe ” 

which is EGO .

EGO kills you .

The Simple point is you should have respect on you , you should not care yourself .

you should not give importance to your self. 

so that you will not EGO.

if you dont have EGO.

you will not get hurt.

if you will not get hurt , you will be far from the negative emotions.

if you be far from the negative emotions , you can be the positive emotions .

you can be happy.






” Smart Cherry “