Touching Girls Body Is One Of The Interesting And Important Topic I’m Explaining I’m Sure Your Learn Something Which Is Very Useful Today.

India Is One Of Most Populated Country In The World.

And I Live In The Same Country.


The Point Here Is Because, Of The Huge Number Of Human Beings, Human Beings Should Throw Away The Morals.


Touching Someone’s Body Without Their Permission Is Not A Great Thought.


But Here In My Country, Without Asking Permission One Human Touches Other Human’s Body Which Comes Under Animal Behavior.

Touching Someone’s Property Without Thier Permission Is A Crime In Every Country

Here In Public Areas One Human Touches Other Human Body Parts, This Is Very Very Common Thing In India.


In Rural Areas, The Human With This Kind Of Behaviour Will Be In Big Number Because Of Uneducation.

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People In India Don’t Know The Moral Values, Yes, Majority Of The People I Know Don’t Know The Moral Values.


In Public Places Like Buses Are Trains One Human Touches Other Human’s Body Parts And Majority Will Not Regret Touching Other Persons Body Without Permission.


This Is What Happens In India And This Is Happening In India.


How Can A Person Touches Other Person Body

If That Body Is Not Yours, How Can You Touch His/Her Body Is My Question.


You Don’t Have Right To Touch Any Human’s Body On This Planet Without Their Permission.


But Here In India One Human Touches Other Human’s Body Without Any Permission And He Will Regret Touching Other Human’s Property.


Most Of The Indians I Know Are Uneducated, Have Lesser Knowledge, Are Ignorant, Are Animals.


I Feel Very Sad To Live In A Country Where One Person Is Touching Other Human’s Property Without Their Permission.

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Your Hands Are Touching Me, Your Legs Are Touching Me And Your Dress Is Touching Me And Your Hair Is Touching Me But You Are Feeling Nothing, I Don’t Know Whether Your Senses Are Working Properly Or Not If Your Senses Works Properly You Will Feel It.


Touching Girls Bodies In The Public Places Like Bus And Train Is Common In India Because I Have Seen Boys Touching Girls In The Buses And Trains.


I Feel Very Sad To Explain The Above Sentence But I Want Everyone To Know This And Nobody Is Talking About This Topic In Media.


I Don’t Want to Be A Actor, I Want To Raise My Thought And I Did It.



Human Should Not Touch Other Human Body Without His/Her Permission.

Men Should Not Touch Other Men, Women Should Not Touch Other Women, Men Should Not Touch Women And Women Should Not Touch Men Without Permission.


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